Ski Resort

Skiing in Abetone

Distance from the Colletto: 50 km
Time from Colletto with car: 1 h 20 min

Abetone, in the heart of the Pistoia mountains, is the ideal place for a holiday dedicated to sport and fun. The city is home to the ski resort of the same name which has about 50 km of slopes on which 22 of the most modern and safest ski lifts are located.

These numbers ensure Abetone a prominent place among the most important ski resorts in the Apennines. The numerous ski slopes in the area satisfy every level of experience, from beginners to professionals, and there are also school camps for adults and children. Those who want to learn how to ski safely can do so under the guidance of expert teachers.

But the offer for the winter season in Abetone does not only include skiing: the splendid mountain landscape in which the city is set is also the perfect setting for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and snow excursions. In summer the white coat gives way to the lush and green nature of the mountain which allows you to go hiking or mountain biking to the top of the mountains.