Distance from Colletto: 1 km

Walking distance from Colletto: 10 min

Within walking distance is the small town of Coreglia Antelminelli, a beautiful medieval hill town, which is free from traffic and has many amenities including food shops, bank, bars, a post office, hairdressers and restaurants. Some of the finest traditional restaurants are located in this area, where you can sample the delights of Italian cuisine with an excellent selection of local wines. There are many local festivals, concerts and classical events taking place throughout the summer, both locally in Coreglia and at nearby Barga and Lucca. Operas take place at the famous Puccini’s Torre del Lago.


Distance from Colletto: 13 km

Time from Colletto with car: 20 min

Barga with its cobbled lanes and impressive duomo is a natural beauty and quaint village Timeless Beauty Untouched by mass tourism, more than picturesque, Barga is a gem: ancient, immaculate and prosperous, it attracts only the discerning. Barga is an ancient hamlet in an incredible location on an outcrop which has retained its medieval foundations, narrow streets, tiny squarea and steep stairwells. At the top is the 12th century cathedral with an impressive panoramic view.

Barga is known for its historic monuments, artistic richness, from atop the hill visitors can see the green valley of the Serchio river and Apuan Alps, renowned for their marble quarries, and the less rugged Appenines. Nature lovers walk in the nearby mountain woods.

The ancient town of Barga is situated in the valley of the river Serchio on the edge of the Garfagnana Region. The original historical center of town still remains. The old houses are gathered around the dominant cathedral dating back to before the year 1000. The town seems protected by its surrounding walls. This entire valley is situated between the green Apennines and the rockier Apuan chain (with its marble quarries).


Distance from Colletto: 40 km

Time from Colletto with car: 1 h

The Province of Pisa is located in central-western Tuscany, covering a stretch of coastline, wide plains and rolling hills that include the Colline Metallifere to the South. The coastline is made up of extensive beaches surrounded by high dunes and fresh pinewoods, and is home to renowned tourist resorts such as Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia. The inland landscapes vary, depending on the area’s natural features; they assume varying forms and colors, espeically when one arrives at the spectacular badlands that speak to the erosion phenomena that characterizes Volterrano and Val di Cecina. Another extraordinary and striking landscape is that of the famous geysers of Larderello.


Distance from Colletto: 100 km

Time from Colletto with car: 1,5 h

Italy’s important historical city of Florence is only one and a half hours away, the famous Leaning Tower and Duomo of  Pisa just one hour away. Other beautiful cities that are nearby; Lucca is 40 Minutes away, and Siena 2 hours. Only an hour away are the sun-soaked golden sand beaches, stretched for fifteen miles and including the famous resorts of Viareggio, Marina Di Pietra Santa and Forte dei Marmi.