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We are proud to present an opportunity to escape to an undiscovered paradise, situated north of Lucca, in the dramatic beautiful region of Tuscany.

Colletto is an exceptionally beautiful early 19th century estate. It is located in a spectacular region with breathtaking 360° views over romantic hillside villages, lush wooded countryside to mountains and beyond. These luxurious properties with private heated pools are set in four acres of ecologically managed Italianate gardens comprising terraces, formal areas and woodland walks.

A tranquil and idyllic retreat which basks under the Tuscan sun, Colletto is perfect for those with discerning tastes. Colletto is a much loved property, surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens with topiary shrubs, flowers and hide-away bowers for secluded eating and sunbathing.

There is an aura of serenity and peace with breathtaking views and pure air which makes the area a paradise for walkers, artists, nature enthusiasts, gourmets and adventurers.

“What’s behind these gates?”

“I thought to myself: ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful gate. What’s behind these gates?’ and I became curious. So, I asked the real estate woman: ‘Can we go and see what’s behind these gates?’. We entered the estate of Colletto Villas, and when I came to the veranda and saw the view, I was smitten by the potential. In the following years, we have improved the living standards of the house to upgrade the estate. Now, it is a truly loved everyday escape from reality for our returning guests from worldwide,” says the owner of Colletto Villas.


Colletto was built in 1850 by a famous Italian captain for his rich wife. The family lived there for 70 years and was visited by many Italian nobles and from all over the world. In times of war, the house served as a hospice for army officers who were injured during the war.

Colletto was later managed as a famous hotel and restaurant and was visited for around 30 years by all the VIPs of Italy.

Before it has been the private residence of a famous British antiques dealer, Robert Cannell, who has expanded the house and brought one of the world’s most famous garden designers to work on a project that ended in 1999.

L’uomo Morto

In the breathtaking views of Colletto Villas, you can see L’uomo Morto, the Sleeping Man. Legend has it that a man turned himself into a mountain to capture the heart of the woman he loved.

Across the valley from Colletto Villas, you can see the sleeping giant’s silhouette in the soaring mountain tops. Looking intently, you will discern the shape of a man lying on his back with his knees up. Once a year, in March, people from the area swim in the sunset of the giant’s eye – and the giant wakes up for a moment.

Colletto Villas

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