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Culinary Experiences

Dine under the stars

 Enjoy our excellent Italian cuisine in a secluded and unforgettable setting. During warm months you can dine under the stars with a fantastic panorama view overlooking the Tuscan mountains. With well-renowned Italian private chefs and experienced sommeliers, we can offer delicious menus comprising the finest Italian specialties.

Wine & Dine

Create tasty memories in the golden sunset

Our private chefs are well versed in the delicious secrets of the Italian kitchen. Dishes served at Colletto Villas are made with the finest locally grown raw materials. Using organic ingredients from the area, we create memorable meals that incorporate the flavors of rustic Italian cuisine. As a perfect complement, Colletto Villas has an extensive wine list with quality wines from Tuscany, Bordeaux, Burgundy and the new world.

Enjoy our tailored,
private wine tastings

At Colletto Villas, our visitors can enjoy a wide selection of exclusive wines from several vineyards in Tuscany, Italy, and worldwide.

Colletto Villas offers private wine tastings from the estate’s sommelier, who has tasted over 7500 wines over 30 years.

“We have the absolute best wines represented here. For our visiting wine lovers, we offer both tailored wine-tasting tours in Tuscany and exclusive wine tastings at our estate,” says the owner of Colletto Villas.

Colletto Villas also has a well-established, excellent partnership with several wineries and offers private and group tours to different wineries.

For example, in the local area is the famous Podere Concori, awarded the best organic wine in Italy award. We offer visits where you taste their award-winning wines, meet the owners and see how they make their wine. We also arrange visits to Antinori vineyard just outside Florence, chosen to be the most impressive vineyard in Italy for several years.

Truffle and olive tasting

Each season in Tuscany offers different kinds of magic. Fall is the season for truffle treasure hunting.

Fresh truffles only last for a week before starting to deteriorate, so there is a big difference between eating truffles picked the same day and something picked two weeks ago. Eating fresh truffles is a true experience” says the owner of Colletto Villas.

Colletto Villas arranges truffle hunting experiences and visits to different truffle farmers, where we experience how the truffle is found and harvested. We then end the experience with a superb truffle meal sitting.

At Colletto Villas, we also make our own olive oil which we are immensely proud of. We organize exclusive truffle and olive oil tastings at the estate.

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Food & Wine Club

Wine and Italian cuisine are one of our many passions here at Colletto and we want to share them with you.  As a member of the Colletto Food and Wine Club, you will get access to local gourmet Italian products which you can buy at special offer and discounted prices.

We have developed relationships with the wineries that allows us to buy direct as opposed to buying through brokers or retailers. By buying in volumes, we can lower freight costs considerably and get volume discounts from producers. Join us now!

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